Brow Lamination Treatment liverpool


Brow Lamination Treatments in Liverpool

Brow Lamination is the latest treatment that restructures your brow hairs promising “I woke up like this” eyebrows.”

It’s the perfect treatment for anyone whose hairs are irregular in direction, have any gaps in between hairs, or who want that groomed, brushed-up look.

That feathery effect we lust after Is finally here. Those who have an abundance of brow hairs will reap the benefits of lamination as it can fix thick hairs in place, with a hold that no product could previously deliver.

Plus, those with finer brows can benefit too. Brow Lamination treatment helps give the appearance of slightly fuller brows, and the hairs that are there can be styled to cover any sparse areas. Not only that, the effects can last up to eight weeks.

Brow Lamination Treatment – £37