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Fusion Mesotherapy Injection Treatments in Liverpool

Mesotherapy is a treatment that introduces microscopic quantities of products into the skin to treat a variety of conditions.

Fusion SNS Mesotherapy Pen treatment offers the latest generation of collagen induction therapy, using tiny needles to vertically pierce the skin and produce hundreds of micro injuries whilst protecting the epidermis.

These micro injuries trigger the synthesis of new collagen, without any risk of scarring to the skin, this treatment is ideal for Skin Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Lines and Wrinkles, Acne Scarring, Shrinking and smoothing of stretch marks and Hair Loss.

Mesotherapy Micro Needling treatments in Liverpool

The SNS Meso pen provides the ability to adapt the depth of the microneedles throughout the treatment reducing any discomfort  to repair the signs of ageing and tailored to your specific requirements.

Using cutting edge formulations that include Growth Factors and Biomimetic Peptides, it is possible to restore and improve communication between cells and to mimic actions that are found in young skin to accelerate the natural regeneration process.

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Meso Facial- £125.00

Chemical Peel Upgrade – £135.00