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Extend your natural beauty, add fullness and look sensational with Great Lengths Hair Extensions from Rachel Hunter Beauty Clinic in Liverpool – the premier salon for the best luxury Hair Extensions you will ever wear. If you lust for long hair or dream of extra volume but lack the patience or ability to grow your own, we can make your hair fantasies come true.


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Whatever your vision, make a mesmerising statement with Great Lengths Hair Extensions that let you boost volume, add colour or extend your hair’s length.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions are ethically sourced 100% human hair extensions and offer total versatility, so you can be daringly different or use a subtler touch to transform your look – the choice is yours. They are also the most advanced and trusted hair extension option available and have been scientifically proven not to cause hair damage.

Great Lengths blend seamlessly with your natural hair to enhance and amplify your colour. With over 50 hair shades available, there’s no doubt we have the perfect shade for you – whether blending with your natural hair or experimenting with balayage or more daring fashion shades, our range covers every colour you could possibly crave.