Semi Permanent Make-up

Semi-Permanent Make-up (known also as Permanent Cosmetics) is set to transform your life. It will last for months, won’t wipe off, and you will look beautiful barefaced from first thing in the morning to last thing at night and whether you are swimming or sunbathing. After a consultation your treatment will be tailored to improve and compliment your facial features and skin tone.

For example, Rachel’s couture brow technique is so precise that we can reconstruct and shape the eyebrow by replicating each hair at the microscopic level. The result is incredibly realistic and natural looking – and the results for clients who have lost their brow hair for whatever reason is overwhelming and massive confidence boost.

Semi-Permanent Brow Couture

Those with over-plucked eyebrows know only too well that there are limited options available – once the hair has been over-plucked it will never grow back again! Pencilling in your eyebrows every day is time-consuming and tedious.

Rachel’s subtle expert technique can restyle and reshape over tweeted or over-waxed brows and can lighten, dark in or soften their colour with microfine strokes invisible to even the closest scrutiny.

Brow Couture treatment – £285

Incl. top-up treatment after 4 weeks

Semi-Permanent Power Brow

A thicker heavy brow that’s so now, with a semi-Permanent Makeup Power Brow. Completely natural looking, a Semi Permanent Power Brow can create a slightly darker brow with more depth. It’s an excellent way of updating your look instantly, giving you that extra bit of celebrity sparkle and confidence.

Semi-Permanent Power Brow treatment – £285

Incl. top-up treatment after 4 weeks

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Enhancement

With lash enhancement, we define the eyes by pushing pigment colour up and underneath the roots of that of your top lashes crating invisible definition, opening up your eyes and making lashes look ultra-luscious and no one will be able to figure out why!

Eyelash Enhancement treatment – £250.00

(incl. top-up treatment after 4 weeks)

Semi-Permanent Eye Liner

Your own eyeliner is extremely difficult, but my eyes have been professionally lined, can look amazing. Our eye intensifier is smoky and dramatic, and accentuates and widens your eyes.

Eye Liner treatment – (top or bottom lid) £250
Incl. top-up treatment after 4 weeks

Eye Liner treatment (top or bottom together) £400
Incl. top-up treatment after 4 weeks

Lip Perfection (blended contoured)

Using semi-permanent techniques affected two years of experience, Rachel will refresh the lip-line to give softly diffused ultra flattering results.

Lip Perfection treatment – £300
Incl. top-up treatment after 4 weeks

Barely There! Blush

The Barely There Blush described as the true alternative to Phyllis offers a fuller lock without the over-pumping pout.

The lip line is refreshed with a subtly defined contour and subtle blended brilliance, with colours that are feathered and blended halfway into the lips to avoid a harsh line, and plumping effect to make the lips look full, smooth and super pretty!

Barely There Blush – £350
Incl. top-up treatment after 4 weeks